Centurion Smart Power Pack


Centurion Systems SMART Power Pack

The 24V DC SMART Power Pack was developed to complement CENTURION 24V gate operators, and is ideal for busy sites that require a higher duty cycle than can be afforded by battery-driven operators, thanks to the fact that the SMART Power Pack can run a rated gate directly off of mains and, therefore, there is no need to ensure that the batteries have enough capacity to deal with the higher duty required on a busy site. The SMART Power Pack is also the perfect match for sites where battery backup is not a concern as the grid is either stable or there are solar or generator solutions in place to ensure that the power supply to the operator is uninterrupted.

For added flexibility, the SMART PowerPack has the option to use batteries for backup in cases where the mains supply is not stable. This allows for a higher duty cycle when mains is present, but also allows the gate to operate should there be an interruption in mains power.

The SMART Power Pack supports higher-capacity batteries, with the battery charge rate effortlessly configurable using the MyCentsys Pro mobile app. Additionally, the Power Pack boasts a built-in charger, obviating the need for purchasing an external unit, thereby saving on costs and adding to the convenience and efficiency offered by this power solution.

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